Key Won’t Open Car Door – Locksmith Service in Charlotte NC Can Help

Car locksmith services are something most of us do not think about until the same need arise. For example, this need might come a key won’t open car door or a key to the car is lost. In either eventuality, the car owner will be locked out of their vehicle. Fortunately, for all located in the Charlotte, NC area there … Read More

Ideas on how to fix a broken car key

fixing of a broken car key

If there is one thing that can be very annoying with your car is when you snap it’s key. There is no way you can start your car ignition without its key in its right shape. Most car owners risk themselves by just having a key without its spare. By choosing the services of professionals locksmiths, you should never mind … Read More

Toyota Smart Key

[lead]Car keys have gone high tech these days, many of us got tired of pressing buttons and turning keys to unlock the car and get on our way. Most of the Newer Toyota Models are equipped with Toyota’s Smart Key System, with that you are able to open your car doors and start the engine with zero effort. Is it … Read More

Good To Know- GM Recall With ignition switch

[lead]GM offers $500 discount, free loaners to owners of recalled cars[/lead] It is appointed to some models of the GM makes and the problem they had with the ignition switch and the wonderful way GM handled the recall of that problem. enjoy . We found this article on and thought it will be great to share with our customers … Read More

Lost car keys no spare?

As far as the automobiles are concerned, the car keys are such a tiny metal particles that can be lost by anyone easily. The silly mistake of losing or misplacing the car keys will always resulted in big terrible condition when you will not be able to move your car even a single inch. Apart from the cost and time, … Read More

Self car key programming

As more and more new vehicles are introduce to the market so is their car key programming systems.90% of the newer models do have the transponder key system ,some of them offer the Car owner the option to program the car key by themselves. As an Auto Locksmith in Charlotte NC we often receive calls with these inquiries as a … Read More

Keyless Start Versus Traditional car keys. Is technology safe?

Over the past 12 years, a growing number of models have removed this connection between a car key and the ignition switch of a car. Just since 2006 the number of models offering keyless start has grown from 40 to 163, or over half of all new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. These models utilize a newer technology … Read More

Nissan car key replacement – Car Locksmith experts

Have you lost your car keys? Are your car keys broken or stolen? If you had a stressful day at office, it can turn worse if you are not able to find your car keys. Our locksmith experts can help you get a Nissan car key replacement within minutes. All that you need to do is to give us a … Read More