Funny Cars Ever Made


It is hilarious to see some random creativity taking place when you see these cars. It is like someone simply thought about it and made it. It’s not only the way the ca Old_Harley_davidsonr is designed but some cars have the functioning of the design. Like when you see the horse car galloping, its way beyond imagination when you see the man control it with the rope in his hand as if they are the reins of the car.

The funniest one is the car with lopsided types, it is sure to confuse fellow commuters how on earth can you drive that straight? It is one thing to simply paint your car in graffiti but when you characterize the car its pure passion and unthinkable creativity.

The Harley Davidson car takes it a notch above, it simply speaks “Hey I am The Harley Davidson Bike Car”. To engineer these cars there must have been some mind-boggling techniques applied. In fact hats off to the engineers who could create these wonderful creations.

Whoever thought first about it surely inspired many to make the impossible possible. It just goes to show if you can think of it you can sure have it in any form.

funny-car-Upside-Down-CarMy personal favorite being the Upside Down Car. The upside wheels are simultaneously moving along with the regular wheels. You can’t stop laughing when you it see it driving around.

From Space Ship cars ,Military Tanker cars, Missile cars, Spider car, rainbow car and gold car to mosaic tile car, theses funny cars are so cool and so amazing to see it will take your breath away. Next, you will be thinking of your favorite Disney character or the most passionate thing in your life you sure will like to have a customized car of your own.

Don’t limit your imagination and your funny bone.


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