How to Protect Your Smart Key with a Key Fob Holder

There are several benefits to using a smart key instead of conventional car keys. For one, smart keys are very effective at guarding against lockouts. Smart keys also allow for push-button start and keyless entry, both of which offer major convenience benefits. Because smart keys are so much more advanced than traditional car keys, they are more expensive to repair and replace. That’s why you should protect your smart key by placing it in a key fob holder. These holders will protect your smart key from breaking due to being dropped and can even help prevent water damage. They’ll also keep your smart key from getting scratched on your key ring.

Watch this video to see how to outfit a key fob holder for a smart key. If you ever have problems with your smart key, contact a professional automotive locksmith in Charlotte that specializes key fob programming locksmith, repair, and replacement. You can also have your car locksmith make an extra smart key so you’ll never have to worry about being without one.

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