Keyless Start Versus Traditional car keys. Is technology safe?

Car Key fobsOver the past 12 years, a growing number of models have removed this connection between a car key and the ignition switch of a car. Just since 2006 the number of models offering keyless start has grown from 40 to 163, or over half of all new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. These models utilize a newer technology that senses the presence of a car key fob and (theoretically) only allows the car to start when the key fob is inside the vehicle’s cabin The convenience part comes from not having to remove the car key fob from a purse or pocket to start the car. When combined with keyless entry, this technology means a driver never has to actually hold the car key to unlock, enter and start the car.

Car Key fobs

Recent news reports, along with data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) complaint database, suggest a growing pattern of keyless-start-related mishaps, ranging from a loss of engine power to apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. In the former case, the car’s computer apparently thinks the car key fob is not present (even when it is) and shuts the engine off. In the latter case, it appears drivers are forgetting to shut the engine off after parking the vehicle in their garage, even though these systems are supposed to alert drivers when the key fob is removed from the cabin while the engine is running. There are also reports of cars rolling away because the driver shut the engine off with the car still in drive or reverse– something that can’t happen with traditional ignition key systems that require the car to be in Park before removing the key. While technical failures play a role below (the inability of these systems to accurately pick up the crucial fob’s location is really the heart of the issue), there’s also a concern with motorists not adjusting to the brand-new engine start/stop procedure. Whether this is force of habit or merely reckless habits do not lessen the disaster of the results. The majority of drivers have invested years placing the car key into the dashboard or steering column- to the ignition switch and transforming it to start the engine, then ultimately removing the car key to shut the engine off. Incorporate that with the smooth and peaceful operation of modern engines and, not remarkably, people are strolling away from their automobiles with the engine still running. With several suits pending between customers and automakers, it will likely take years to untangle that is at fault. In the meantime you can bet automakers will be re-evaluating keyless start and driver actions to quell this latest technical backfire. AKM Auto Key Masters is designed to help you with all of you Auto Locksmith Needs 24/7. AKM Auto Key Masters is the leading car locksmith in Charlotte NC and neighboring ,

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