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lose your car kes - what to do

Do you constantly find yourself looking for lost car keys? Are you worried about misplacing your keys yet you don’t have a spare? Or are you searching for a reliable auto locksmith in case you misplace the keys to the car? Well, you like many other car owners are probably affected by one, two, or all of the queries stated above. But, like majority of them you are yet to take charge of the situation. Not only do you risk locking yourself out of the car, but losing out on opportunities. Imagine realizing you’ve lost your car keys late at night? Or not finding your keys while in a very remote location? Or losing them a few hours before that important life-changing appointment?

Some Worrying Statistics on Loss of Car Keys –

Many take the issue of losing car keys lightly. In fact, this is why many don’t have the contacts of a reliable and experienced auto locksmith on sped dial. And when they lose the cars they stAKM_fun_flyerart the difficulty journey of searching for one. Do you know that at least 26% of car owners lose their car keys annually? Are you aware that 20% of the keys are lost while at work while 15% happen during shopping? Also, 13% of the keys get lost when visiting family members and friends, while 19% of the times, the keys are snatched from right inside the handbag. Do you also know that more than 10% of the losses occur when the keys are taken from inside the car while 5% of the drivers had the key stolen?

What Should You Do When You Lose Your Car Keys?
The journey to retracing or replacing lost or misplaced car keys can be quite challenging and traumatizing. Picture yourself stranded late at night simply because you have misplaced your keys. Or you having to worry about the possibilities of someone else having stolen the keys and possibly planning to access the car without your authority? Well, these are some of the main fears. The first step to retracing your lost car keys is not panicking and maintaining clam. This allows you to have full concentration and coming to terms with the incidence. The second step is retracing your steps. When did you last see the keys? Did anyone else take the keys? Thirdly, if you have spare keys try to contact a person who has easiest access to them. Fourthly, if all fails, you need to contact an auto locksmith.

Why an Auto Locksmith and Not A Dealership?
When it comes to replacing lost keys, you can choose a dealership or a car locksmith. Both have the expertise, tools, and experience to cut new keys or retract keys locked inside the car. However, people are encouraged to choose a car locksmith for several reasons. One, car locksmiths are easily accessible than a dealership. They also work around the clock (24/7) hence will offer services even during emergencies. Two, considering car keys is their main forte; they will be more specialized and thorough on the service. Three, statistics indicate that car lock and key experts charge a lower fee than dealerships. You can save as much as $30 for the service. Four, unlike dealerships, car locksmiths also operate as emergency or mobile locksmiths.

Choosing a Car Locksmith
After losing your car keys you will need the assistance of an auto locksmith. Nonetheless, the suitability of the providers varies widely and it’s important to choose wisely. Failure to do so may cause more harm than good. Imagine paying for a key that doesn’t work, or your lock being tampered with? Or having the fear that the provider may be unscrupulous and may send people to access your car? To avoid such incidences, it’s vital to work with trustworthy or reputable locksmith. Two, you should deal with an experienced service provider. Three, ensure the firm is insured, registered, and certified. Four, go for provider who offers variety and warranty on the service. Finally, only deal with locksmiths who receive positive reviews.

Replacing your lost keys shouldn’t be a difficult task. You also don’t need to worry or panic about the incidence. All you need is having the number of a reputable auto locksmith within reach 24/7. In case this happens, always take time to retrace your steps by looking around, or calling people you have met in the course of the day. Also important is verifying whether your insurer covers the service. In addition to spending minimal time and effort replacing the lost car keys, dealing with a reputable firm offers peace-of-mind.

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