Sliding Door Lock Buying Guide

Most modern homes have sliding glass doors at one part or the other of the house. A lot of households take advantage of the sliding glass door because it brings your surroundings to you; it also consumes very little space and is the perfect choice for areas like your balcony.

The sliding glass door slides open and doesn’t require space to open inward or open outward; it also creates a powerful visual effect for your home, which increases the curb appeal. Because this type of door slides, it requires a specific kind of lock. Using a wrong lock would mean exposing yourself and your family to unnecessary harm.

With the sliding glass door, you cannot rely on a deadbolt only to secure the door. To help you decide on which lock is best for your sliding door, you need to know the different type of locks meant for sliding doors.

Foot Bolt

The foot bolt is a sliding door lock that has its lock at the bottom part inside the surface of the door. The foot bolt has retractable springs that lock the door when triggered. The foot bolt is placed inside the sill of the door which goes down a hole, placed inside the wood or concrete. The foot bolt cannot be opened from outside once locked from inside. This door style is nicknamed foot bolt because you need to push the foot in a forward motion to open the door.

Sliding Door Hook

The sliding door hook keeps the door locked when securely attached into a door jam or a wall. The fastener has a bar that looks like a letter ‘J’ secured into the wall and the plates mounted on the door. The plate on the door is visible and has a bulge at the center which creates a cylinder for the letter J-shaped bar to go through. Once you lock this type of door inside, you cannot open it from outside.

Door Chain Lock

This type of lock secures the sliding glass door with a chain that is attached to a plate and also attached to the door or wall. The door chain lock has various style; some allow you to lock or unlock your door from outside by releasing the key from the connecting chain.

Depending on what purpose you want your sliding door to serve, you can make your selection from any of the locks mentioned above.

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