Toyota Smart Key

Toyota Car Key Replacement[lead]Car keys have gone high tech these days, many of us got tired of pressing buttons and turning keys to unlock the car and get on our way. Most of the Newer Toyota Models are equipped with Toyota’s Smart Key System, with that you are able to open your car doors and start the engine with zero effort. Is it possible? And is it safe? Let’s find out.[/lead]

The way it works

The Toyota’s Smart Key System is designed in such way that you can unlock your driver’s door as well as the passenger doors by simply touching the handle. Once inside sited on your sit all you need to do is to press the “engine start/stop” button to start the vehicle. (Note that some models may vary, it is also a buyer option)

As long as you have your Smart Key fob somewhere in the vehicle or in your purse or pocket, the vehicle will start. If the key fob is outside, more than several feet from the vehicle, it won’t start. It’s that sensitive.

If you lose the Toyota smart key and have no spare that could be a challenge. Only professional car locksmith in your area will be able to assist with making a new Toyota smart key .Choosing AKM the leading Car Locksmith in Charlotte NC and the Metro area can save you time and money by coming to you (even after hours) to make a new Toyota smart key for you hassle free you do not need to find a tow truck or spend the night in another hotel.

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Is this whole thing Secure?

Toyota’s Smart Key System uses rolling codes, what does it mean? Each time you are entering your vehicle the system Is generating a new code this way no one can just use a different car key fob to gain entry and start the engine.

Like Toyota’s Smart Key System many other makes and models starting to use smart key system, that is the future of car keys. One Smart Key works with only one car. It’s safe and convenient; you’ll never have to dig through your purse to find those keys again.

Advise :

Always have a spare smart key stashed in a safe place that will save you time and money in cases of losing your only key.

If you need a spare call AKM auto key masters’ professional and licensed car locksmith in Charlotte NC for all you car key making needs.24/7 Mobile.

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