A Look at How Car Keys Work

[lead]When you lock your keys in your car or lose your car keys, you will have to call a mobile locksmith in Charlotte to help resolve your situation. This is because your keys grant you access to the interior of your car as well as the various systems that are necessary to achieve mobility. Feel free to keep reading if you would like to take a look at how car keys work.[/lead]

Starting the Car

Motor vehicles are complicated machines that rely on a number of different systems. All of these systems can be started with a small, simple car key. When you insert your key into the car’s ignition and turn it all the way, your ignition system is sending your secondary ignition system a message in the form of voltage. Your low voltage trigger, ignition coil, and sensors will work in concert to activate your car and prepare it for mobility.

Mobile Locksmith in CharlotteAccessing Systems

You do not have to be an automotive locksmith to know that your car keys can do more than turn your vehicle on and off. They offer access to a multitude of different systems depending on how far you rotate your key in the ignition. If you simply insert the key and do not turn it, the car will remain shut down. Turning it only to the ACC marking will turn on the electrical system but leave the others off. The “on” position prepares the ignition system for activity, and turning the key all the way will activate all of the car’s systems; in this case, the key will be locked into the ignition.

Security Features

Modern car keys also come with a number of security features that can help to protect your safety as well as the security of your vehicle. If you are not trusting of valet services, newer car keys have been designed to allow valet drivers to access your ignition system but not your trunk or glove compartment. Other keys come with microchips that connect to your specific ignition system; these microchips cannot be duplicated when a key is copied.

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