How Locks Work?

Wondering How Locks Work? Our team at AKM Auto Key Masters – Locksmith Charlotte NC made this article and detailed infographic for you.

Locks are mechanisms designed to secure doors, cabinets, safes, and other items by restricting access to authorized individuals.

1- Components: A typical lock consists of several components, including a keyway (keyhole), a bolt or latch, and a locking mechanism.

2- Pin Tumbler Locks: One of the most common types, it contains a series of pins of different lengths that block the rotation of the lock’s plug unless the correct key lifts all the pins to the correct height.

3- Key Alignment: When the correct key is inserted into the keyway, it pushes the pins to the precise heights, aligning the shear line between the inner and outer cylinder.

4- Unlocking Process: When the shear line is aligned, the lock’s plug can rotate freely, and the bolt or latch is retracted, allowing the door to open.

5- Security Levels: Locks can have different security levels, determined by the number of pins, complexity of the keyway, and additional features like security pins or anti-pick features.

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