When Should You Consider Changing Your Locks?

Few things make you feel safer in your own home than locking your doors. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for house keys to go missing or for someone untrustworthy to have a copy. And while door locks are great at keeping people out of your home, they can keep you out too if you ever lose your keys or break off a key in the lock. The good news is that a residential locksmith in Charlotte can change your locks quickly so you can get back to your normal routine. So, when should you consider changing your locks? Here are a few examples:

Residential Locksmith in Charlotte

  • After Moving into a New Home
    When you move into a new home, there’s no telling how many people have house keys. To make your home as safe and secure as possible, contact a residential locksmith in Charlotte about new locks and keys. Changing your locks is a small price to pay compared to being robbed and losing everything you own, or worse.
  • After Losing a House Key 
    If you can’t find a house key, you’re best bet is to assume it’s been stolen. Even if you’ve lost your keys miles from your home, anyone desperate enough to break in can find out where you live and use the key to gain access to your home while you’re away. You can never be too safe, so contact a locksmith as soon as you lose a house key to have your locks changed.
  • After Giving Out Your Key 
    You should always be selective about who you give your key to. In some instances, such as when you give a key to a repairman or your neighbor, it’s a good idea to change the lock afterward. And if you’ve given out a key to someone who you’ve had a falling out with, such as an ex-boyfriend or disgruntled roommate, have a locksmith install new locks on your home.

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